Friday, August 14, 2009

busy busy week.......

And I've gotten very little done in the studio! Had soooo much fun last night though... we had a surprise birthday Party for my little girl.. her birthday won't be until Sept, but she's always wanted a surprise party.... and my sister was going to be in town, it seemed absolutely the perfect time to try it! The look on her face as she walked into her grandparents house.. with most of her family there yelling Surprise! and singing happy birthday. We got her good!

The top 2 pictures are in Niobium, and are part of a series I did some months ago. It's 16 GA that I shaped into "goddess" like forms, and then colored. The top one is "she loves to dance" and the 2ND one is "she loves to give"

This last pendent is from June, it's actually my "yellow" project for the Iowa Bead Society. My mother loves Tulips and she loves yellow, so I made this thinking of her!

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