Monday, August 10, 2009

More Musings......

The show in Amana went OK, it was Hot and Humid.. and yes it deserves the capital H on that.. but the breeze made it mostly bearable, and of course all the people were so nice, as they usually are at art shows.
It reminds me that situations are almost always better than my sometimes gloomy speculations would make them. Something to remember better in the future!

I'm sort of between new pictures right now, I've got some new ones loaded into the computer, but not edited.

This weekend is the art show at The Art Store in West Des Moines. ( ) Me and 9 other artist hang out all day in the parking lot, and last month's was sooooo much fun! If you are in the West Des Moines area on Sat, come by... 9-5pm. Since it's such a small group, you really get to chat with both the customers and other artists, it makes it a fun bonding experience.

My sister is going to be in town This week, and she's very humbly pleased, she's reallllly into stamping, and she won this award... here is someone's blog about it: I'm very proud of her! Can't wait to see her on Weds!!

With her in town, tonight and Tues are my only nights to really get any jewelry making done this week, so I'm going to make it count.. I have a couple of pendant ideas lurking in my brain as I type this.

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