Sunday, February 13, 2011

The final day for Girl's Weekend dawned rather late for the ladies at the Littleton Spa. While the staff had the day off on Sunday, the ladies fended for themselves quite happily and had a leisurely breakfast. But as per usual, they quickly retired to the beading workshop filled with ambition and ideas for new projects and techniques to try.

Metal work was the order of the day. The loud, upbeat music could not hide the distinctive sounds of hammering metals, power drills and sanders that the ladies used to work metal blanks into lucious creations. Inks, embossing and riveting were all on tap while the typical beading seemed to take a back seat.

Once again, lunch was catch as catch can in the late afternoon followed by an even later dinner as all three artists were deeply involved in their own projects. Finally, at about 10pm, the event seemed to wind down and with what this reporter could see, a great deal of reluctance. The upbeat HairSpray soundtrack acccompanied the tear down and clean up of the make-shift workshop. Despite the music, the ladies were clearly saddened that another fun and indulgent Beady vacation had come to a close but, it was a resounding success as always.

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