Tuesday, February 15, 2011


First, big big thank you to one of my bestest gal-pals Sue W. for being the guest blogger the last 3 entries. Lots of fun hearing about my trip via her roving reporter persona!

Got back from my Girl's weekend Monday afternoon, and immediately plunged back into REAL LIFE. Don't get me wrong, I like my real life, it's just the transitions that can kill me. My gear gets stuck in leisure mode, and it takes awhile to up-shift into house cleaning, family visits, and the $$ job that pays the mortgage. And the unpacking!! UGH! That part I really really hate. I've got my clothes and such taken care of, but my beads and tools (yes, all 333 lbs worth) are currently decorating the floor of my workroom. I'm planning on heading upstairs and tackling that chore shortly. I probably won't get it done, but tomorrow is my stain glass class (yeah!) and Thursday is my day to catch up on paperwork for the business, so I probably won't get it settled until Friday.

I hate thinking about my studio all torn apart til then!! Have I mentioned before I might have a touch of OCD? ( I think quite a few artists do actually, but that's a discussion for another day) You have probably all seen those signs like " a clean desk is a sign of a deranged mind" ? As an artist I actually like order in my space. Sure, in the throws of creative passion stuff can really get messy, and I'll not put away materials and get a huge pile of crap in the way.. but I can only let it go for a bit. Then it's all this negative energy until I get it cleaned up again. I literally cannot work on jewelry when the studio gets too messy. I really think the feng shui enthusiasts have something !

Mind you, I get the same way about the house cleaning, but my threshold for "ick" is way way higher for, say, dishes. Like when we run out of forks!

So I'm going to put the kid to bed, and go get me alittle Zen peace by unpacking a few bags in the studio right now. Just for an hour or so, I bet I'll feel much better!

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