Sunday, February 13, 2011

Saturday, Sioux Falls, The Littleton Spa; the ladies rose mid-morning to a large breakfast provided by The Littleton's executive chef, Johnnie. The remainder day found the ladies deeply involved in beading and metal working projects. So engrossed in their work were they that they didn't break for lunch until 3:30 in the afternoon.

This reporter spied a client entering the Littleton Spa and upon emerging she bore with her a small box one can only assume was a piece of the coveted jewelry from MKP. This reporter had to restrain her photographer from mugging the poor woman to take the item for himself.

In the evening, we smelled smoke and realized that the Chef at The Littleton Spa had fired up his outdoor kitchen and smoker. A small excursion through the lilac hedges reveal that the dinner menu included smoked turkey and ham which by all accounts are simply unparalled. This trip through the grounds also afforded this reporter exclusive photographs of the work area and some of the many items produced by the artists during their sabbatical.

As is usual, the music was upbeat and loud, at least one margarita and wine glass was spied on the tables strewn with bead boxes, tools and findings. One can only wonder how such fine pieces of finished jewelry can come from the apparent chaos.

Follow this link to some pictures of the items produced. More to come later.

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