Sunday, February 6, 2011

Monday's On Desk is Done!

I'm very pleased!! I'm calling it Capri Memories, sort of a play on words. The Capri was a local Theater years and years ago and I have wonderful memories of going there and watching old movies with my mom ( At least I think it was the Capri, we are talking about me as a small and easily confused child and now at 42 I think I've already got some brain rotting!) This necklace hearkens back to old movies by style and I used some vintage pieces on it. And of course Capri blue is the color of the pearls.
I made earrings using the 2ND set of vintage necklace findings.
Since I often sell earrings a couple of times before I sell the necklace, here is the second pair of earrings, made from a vintage bead cap that I flattened with a hammer. I love hammers!!

I'll have this up on Artfire hopefully tomorrow!

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