Wednesday, February 2, 2011

What's on my other desk... and general musings.

OK, I've been getting lots of requests for my sun pendants, so I finally broke down and starting to cut new ones out, as you can see in the photo below. I've got the "moons" ( the silver part in the sun) cut out also. I need to file them smooth on the edges, hammer them ( I try to do a moon like rocky texture on the silver part, and long ripply texture on copper.. but they always come out different, no 2 alike) solder them together, pickle, dome, touch ups, clean up, wire wrap a bail, and finally polish them. whoo! That sounds like alot of work doesn't it? It is, but I love almost every minute of it. (I don't like the filing so much, rest is good. Hammering is manna from heaven)
I am planning on doing most of this work 2 weekends from now. This weekend I'm committed to other projects, and I have to pack for the weekend after.. among other things.

I'm very annoyed by life in general right now. I'll get over it.. and I hate to sound like I'm complaining.. so let's let Kat vent in 1 sentence and she will shut up about it::

worksucksnewbuildinghasissuesihaveissuesfeelexposedandstupidweathersuckstheycanceledmyclass TONIGHT DAMMIT andiwasreallylookingforwardtoit!

I feel better, I hope you do too!

Life isn't completely annoying, I'm very excited that in less than a week I'll be in South Dakota with my bestest buddies in the world, eating, gabbing, drinking Margarita's with umbrellas sticking out of them, and making jewelry together. Yep, it's time for Bead Con, also known as Girl's Weekend, and Sue's Birthday party. I can't wait! Cathie is once again kindly opening her home to me for several nights, and I bet Sue will spend the night once or twice. Slumber party!! Woot! I hope to have nothing but a fun, relaxing time and have my batteries recharged by love, laughter and friendship. I can't Wait!!!!

Now I need to finish that necklace on desk 1, work on a commission, pack ( I can't WAIT!), list things in Artfire and do general housewifie-poo and mommy stuff for my family.


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Anonymous said...

I Can't wait either!!!! 1 week girlfriend!!