Saturday, February 12, 2011

Once again the month of February has rolled around and the beady-eyed women have migrated to Omaha on Wednesday Feb 09, 2011. Our Star Artist, Kat BarronMiller met with her cohorts, Sue Wilcott and Cathie Littles from South Dakota early this year. We suspect it is an attempt to avoiding this reporter, however we have spied her meeting with her friends in Omaha after they had lunched at Wheatfields. They then started on their usual shopping spree at local bead shops.

Unusually, our quarry tried to outfox this reporter by consorting with a car salesman (who we later learned was a friend) and Cathie purchased a second mini van as a decoy. While this was a clever tactic and almost worked, we were able to track the ladies down at their usual dinner favorite of Pasta Amore in Rock Brook Village. Whether due to weather or some other scheme, the ladies spent the night in Omaha and left early the following day to check into the "Littleton Spa and Bead Resort" in Sioux Falls.

It is unfortunate that the security is so tight at this exclusive Spa (we could not even get past the deceptively adorable guardian dachsunds). But we do have glowing reports of the recently remodelled V.I.P. lounge and the maintenance staff is second to none. Our sources have reported that Kat has taken up residence in the "Queens Suite" while Sue took the second penthouse.

Peeking in the windows revealed that the ladies had completely taken over the atrium and piled in with Kat's 333 pounds of beads, crystals and tools (which included 10 different hammers). Cathie and Sue contributed all of their own beads, wire, tables and more to the occasion making the atrium a fully functioning beading workshop, complete with a hot tub and original art.

The remainder of Thurday was spent having lunch with local dignitaries, friends Heather and the Chief Executive Bead Wrangler, Matt. They then returned to the Spa to arrange their space to their liking and went out once more for dinner and a small party for Sue's birthday. Once home again, the ladies spent a leisurely night with some creative pursuits before retiring to bed.

Friday found the ladies busy as always. Cathie drove the Bead Wrangler to the Vet for his shots (j/k). Then a late brunch was enjoyed before some shopping at the local stained glass shop. Once returned home, music was turned up loudly and a great deal of creativity flowed. Many projects, new and favorites, were produced. In all, the evening ended just after midnight with s great sense of accomplishement for having done a good day's work.

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