Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Just how many hammers did you pack THIS time??

That is the typical question of my hubby when I pack for a Girl's weekend. This is a picture of the bead/jewelry/tool pile that is going to South Dakota with me.

"Why only 10 honey, but I don't think the raw hide mallet should count, it doesn't weight much!" (Let's not get into a side discussion on how many hammers the 2lb brass one should count as)

"Why do you need all of this?? "

"Because I might need to do xxx, so I have to be prepared!"

"OK what about this then?"

"I have to bring all the crystals, I already told Sue and Cathie I was!"

OK, you get the idea. He's really not upset with me, after nearly 17 years of marriage, it's more a game to bicker about how much my beady/jewelry stuff weights. I never take this much stuff with me to regular shows. Regular shows I have it down to bare basics: pink tool bag, blue bag with an assortment of findings, crystals, stringing materials and a few extra tools, and my "pearl" case, which carries a more or less random assortment of goodies, in case someone asks for something custom. On rare occasions, I might lug (OK Jerry just corrected me, HE lugs) an extra Plano box of something special or something I'm excited about. But that's it for materials. Really! For shows I just want to be prepared to adjust the size of items, and maybe make a few extra anklets or something if the show is slower.

Jerry is now reminding me, that is NOT all.. The caravan is full of display items: 2 tables, 3 metal shelves, 4 tubs of display and selling stuff, a couple of chairs, a tent and a couple of small containters of actual jewelry. OH, and if it's an indoor show, a tub of lights. But I just mean jewelry making stuff.

Still, we go back and forth, and we are having fun, and Jerry's like, "do you think this stuff could really weight a half ton? "

"You mean 1000 lbs??"

He really thinks about it, and decides it's probably more like 500 lbs. I'm like no way. So then we start a real discussion, based on the concept of the average weight of each container.

So we end up weighing it. Serious, Jerry got the bathroom scale, and as he lugged out the door, I weighted it and counted it up.

333 lbs.


I'm taking 333 lbs of tools, crystals, sterling silver, findings, beads and misc. jewelry making stuff for a 5 night / 6 day play date with my best beady buddies.

I feel a tad guilty.

but I'm also thinkin' ...


And I'm glad Cathie's hubby get's to carry it the house when I get there!

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Sue Wilcott said...

That's so awesome!!! I can so see the pair of you going back and forth and then being oh so scientific about it and weighing it all. Such a crack up! I can't wait!!!!!