Wednesday, February 16, 2011

I should be melting metal or something....

But all I can think about right now is stained glass! I am taking a class in it right now at the Des Moines Art Center . I even bought a few pieces of stained glass on my trip to South Dakota. I'm sure I'll calm down soon, it's just I really want to make myself a little glass box.

I love boxes of all shape and sizes and materials. Plastic organizational boxes for jewelry components and beads, fancy hat boxes for decoration and storage, old trunks for fun, little magic wood boxes from childhood.. they are all good.

But to make myself a box? that would be SWEET! I love glass, and I even own a lovely stained glass box that my husband bought me years ago at an art show. And I hardly ever make myself something. Sure the occasional pair of earrings, but that's basically it.

So I'm going nuts trying to find the perfect box pattern. Something that is easy enough that I can do it, without being so easy I don't feel accomplished doing it.

This weekend I will be researching patterns for boxes, along with alittle silversmithing on the side. And this weekend is also Beadfair, a local regional bead show.

So this weekend promises to be a great deal of fun no matter if I'm buying beads, making a bezel setting, or dreaming of little glass boxes.

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Tammy Jones said...

Very very cool! I worked in a stain glass shop right after college and it was really fin - even if the boss was a nutter. I think you'll like it lots!!