Sunday, September 14, 2008

Week 37th: pendants pendants pendants

I had a great show in Cedar Falls, IA yesterday, despite the misty and rainy weather... a great thanks goes to the shoppers who braved the weather to see and purchase great art.... thank you very very much!!

OK, trying to keep on time if not on topic for YOJ, present 4 different pendants, in 4 styles. You can pick which one seems more "french culture " to you. I"m am greatly looking forward to October, because I'll have a nice break from shows, and really get a chance to play and stretch my artistry again for the YOJ challenge, instead of just making do.
First pendant is vintage crystals and sterling (square wire, 21GA) Next is Agate in the Sculptural style with goldfilled wire ( square wire 21GA). Next is a wrap loop on black gold amazonite (20GA wrapped with 24Ga) and last is a wrapped donut, with a crystal drop (22GA twisted) enjoy!

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Week 36: Opal Hearts

This weekend's is my daughters' 12th birthday party/sleepover with friends, so I 've only got a few minutes between shrieks, elephants running through the house, and feeding frenzies... at least they are having a good time, all though my achin' head will never be the same... LOL! This necklace is a series of heart shaped sterling links and opal crystals, or opulence glass. I didn't really get good pictures of this, in person it's really delicate and graceful looking. It's based on a design from Sharilyn Miller's book... only she goes for a heavier wire look.. I like the elegant style of this, it's light and airy. I used 20GA on the links, gently flattened them with my hammer, and then tumbled the whole piece for shinny shinny. I made 2 different earrings for this, both are pictured last. Most go feed the hordes again.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Week 35: Pretty Pinks

This is sort of a redo. I made the body of this necklace over a year ago, and had a centerpiece of a vintage glass cab. I never really quite liked how it looked... so I decided to take it apart. Instead I started to play around with another vintage glass cab, and well, now it looks great! At least I think it looks great!! I think the biggest problem is the links of silver on this are so big... and the original centerpiece was about the same size. The center needed to be bigger to look balanced. I initially had the same problem with this cab... so I started to add layers to it. The pendant is made with 21GA square on the wrap, then the first loop is 22GA twisted wire, and then finally another loop with small pink beads. If you look at the sterling links on the necklace they are are different, and made from 18GA. I made earrings to match naturally! This necklace now has that funky vintage look I wanted originally. This just reinforces you shouldn't be afraid to rip stuff apart and redo it... when it doesn't feel right the first time.