Monday, December 3, 2012

Watch tins droooolllll

6 small boxes, just over 1 inch long.  the large tin is 2 1/2" x 1 7/8".  These are TINY

If the boxes themselves are not kewl enough, they all have watch hands in them.  matching ones.  Talk about gravy on your mash potatoes!!
The pics this week are a vintage find from EBay.  I was actually looking for watch tools, and ran across this listing of vintage watchmaker parts in the original tins.

I couldn't resist.. I adore boxes/tins and I adore tiny stuff.. and this is both!  I've tried to research these, and while I couldn't find much information on them, I'm guessing these are 80 to 100 years old or more.. I'll keep researching, and if I can get more precise info I'll let you all know.

I originally bought this thinking I would make pendants out of the little boxes.. but they are so darn cute I think they will just have to live in the hoard for awhile.. so I can take them out and giggle and "squeee!" over them for awhile.

I know one thing.. if and when I get around to converting them into jewelry... at least one of the pieces will be MINE!!!! 

 I had my last show on Sat, it went fairly well.. bonus.. they had a cookie walk.  Heaven! and the local library had a book sale, all books only $.25 each. 

Books, Baked goods and friendly people?? and even a tiny profit? lovely show!

Now that I'm officially done with show season for 2012 I'm looking forward to enjoying myself in the studio that much more.. no more time pressures... I can actually spend time making bigger & more elaborate items because I"m not fighting inventory woes. 

I have plans to really play with some new stuff, and keep experimenting with etching, and I'm hopefully gonna fire up the kiln again in the next few weeks.

And Jerry is working hard to reducing kewl vintage stuff like adding machines and typewriters to supply me an ever increasing range of vintage goodies to play with.

Having said all of that... I'm taking this week off (unless I want to make something!!) cause I need a break.  I've dived back into a few of my favorite books this week.  I'm also going to be working very hard in the next 2 weeks to get as much jewelry and destash stuff up as possible in my etsy shops.

So everyone have a great week.. I'll probably skip the blog this week unless something really kewl comes up.