Wednesday, May 6, 2020

I spoke too soon.....

Remember how I was bragging / over sharing not wearing a bra for a month?  One should never ever tempt the fates.

Tuesday brought way more excitement that I ever want... one of our electric outlets poofed.  One small fire, a couple of hours panic, and one melted air purifier, and a visit from the electrician who mercifully only charged $150.00 to fix what could have been a major house fire and very very expensive mess.  Wearing my bra while he was here was a small price to pay.

It felt weird though.

It was in the bedroom so of course that meant it needed to get all cleaned up and de-stunk asap so we could hopefully sleep in there. 

So washed all the bedding, febrezed the heck out of the room, brought in a different air purifier.  Opened most of the 1st floor windows and ran the fan pointing out of the room.

I suspect with my asthma I'll be bothered for a few days, but really we did a good job at the clean up.

Very proud of the hubby, he had excellent reaction time and did all he could to mitigate the situation.  Because our wi-fi is out of our bedroom and it had no power until the outlet could be fix- and we are both working from home right now -- he especially reacted quickly to run 3 extention cords so we could get the wireless back for work.  All in all, both of us were only down for 30-40 minutes .

Today work was blessedly boring.

Stay safe !!!

Saturday, May 2, 2020

I Have not Worn A Bra In A Month!


Probably, but I'm trying to gather all the positives I can during this time.

Spending more time with family ? yep. What really helps with this is Jerry finally changed his job, and his work hours are normal now... not 2nd shift.

He more or less got a new job in February, but had to wait until the next training class started - which kept getting delayed for various reasons.

Then they finally got it all set and Covid hit, delaying it some more.

Strangely, the IRS really need folks, so they finally set up a way for him to be trained virtually.  So this past Monday was his first day at work, at home, and for now, he gets off at 5pm. When he's done with training his normal workday will end at 6pm.  No more 11pm!! No more weekends!!

So we now are doing puzzles as a family, having family game days and at least one night a week is movie night. 
New earrings, the pearl drops are from vintage jewelry, probably 70-80's .

My home office is set up in the war room, downstairs right by my studio I now get to look out my choice of 10 windows, or my studio while working !!!

Jerry is set up in the spare bedroom upstairs, with attached bathroom and 4 windows to look out of.

Instead of gassing up the car maybe every 1-1/2 weeks, we have gone over a month without filling up.

We probably wouldn't need gas then, but Jerry is making store runs for my 89 year old mom.

He's such a good guy!!

Both Jerry and I are getting more sleep.
I feel asleep with my glasses on and my CPAP off.  Jerry took the pick and then woke me up.  Grrrr

I'm cooking more, and trying to work in more veggies and healthy stuff.  I'm baking! fun fun fun and tasty!  I think I might even start making bread.  I keep dreaming of pumpkin bread, which I love and used to make every Christmas.  Family tastes have shifted and then I didn't have an oven for 9 years ( don't ask) so I haven't made pumpkin bread for a realllly long time.

I have been making cinnamon rolls, yum!

My asthma control is so much better! (for the whole how and why, check my blog entry here) 

I think I'm ahead in the stress race.  I have anxiety about Covid for my family, friends and local businesses, but being in better health personally?  I honestly feel so much calmer and happier overall.

I have time to pet all the cats everyday.  I have 6 so this is actually more of a feat than you would think.
Youngest kitty, almost 1 years old and all grown up.  He's also the largest cat in the household now.  His name is Parker, but I call him fluffy butt most of the time.

So what are your good spots about this crisis? What things are you grateful for during this time? What hobbies are keeping you sane ?

Stay safe.. and remember practice kindness everyday, cause yes, there will be a test.