Monday, December 31, 2018

Pottery at the Gallery !!!!

Sis with 2 kitty banks representing her 2 guys at home.
 Holidays are all about family and friends having good times together, right? 
So a girls evening out to eat and chat and paint pottery? AMAZING!
I've been trying to make it out to Five Monkeys to paint since Dina started it.  But getting everyone's schedule to mesh is a nightmare.

Finally we got it done on just before Christmas and we had a blast !

First a lovely meal at Drake Diner  and then off to Five Monkeys.  We all picked a piece we wanted to paint and got right to it.

If you are in a time crush, you can actually reserve your time and the pieces you want to paint on the website, and Dina ( or her fantastic helpers) will have it all set out for you when you come.  (Customer service people! )

She's got a good strong range of colors and you can use as many or as few as you want, different paint brushes and even stamps and stencils to make your project truly special and your own.

Friend Paula with a fantastic owl mug!

My Baby with a subtle painting scheme for her snake

My Niece showing off her awesome painting on a plain mug! 

My kitty bank reflects me.  I'm outside the lines but I have happy swirls!
It takes about a week for Dina to glaze and then fire your pieces.  it's worth the wait! 

Here are our masterpieces all done!

We all had a great time and can't wait to do it again!!!!

Saturday, December 8, 2018

A funny thing happened on the way to my last show....

Dolphins like old watches too!

If I was a bad blogger a month ago,  I think, a month later and no blogs, I must be a irredeemable one now.   So I'm not gonna go there.

I will try to blog on more regular basis again, but it's now my winter recharge months, so I probably won't as often anyway, and most of them will probably not be about jewelry.  Or only somewhat about jewelry.

I have soooo much going on right now.. we are in the process of buying a house ( YES! !!  YES!! PUMP FIST! WE FOUND A FANTASTIC HOUSE!!!! ) its 2 weeks away from Christmas and after I write this blog I am going to the studio to wrap presents and see where that's at, I'm trying to pack from time to time, and my brain is always scheming, scheming, scheming about the new house, how to furnish it, the fact we need to get a few things done before we move in, then we will start working on this house, what happens to this house after we move, etc etc etc etc.

Another words, my brain won't shut up most of the time, and it's 3 times worse right now. 

Anyway, I was quite please to be involved with taking over Lefty's Live Music Nov 25th as one of the Monkey artists from Five Monkeys Inc gallery.  Jerry and I woke up that morning with a flat tire.

Since Jerry had to work... yes, I was gonna do a show without him, and didn't that turn out great??

Anyway, we had to get the tire fixed asap, we went to Tires P*** first, and they refused to do it, because we used a fix a flat to get it working well enough to get somewhere!!

Being the Sunday after Thanksgiving, it took some doing to find a open place that would do the work.. Jerry's Sis picked him up from the car place so he wouldn't be late to work, and 2 tires, $300 bucks and 4 hours later, it's 1pm and Dina said don't worry about it.

So I missed the show, really depressing for me.

If anyone went to the show especially to see my stuff, I humbly apologize and I am sure you found something amazing to buy anyway, cause my gallery peers are so talented a bunch!

If you didn't go, and you didn't have a flat tire, then SHAME ON YOU!   Just kidding! I'm sure you know you have 24/7 access to the great gallery stuff on the website, and it's even better if you walk in the door and check it out in person.

So, That's all I got right now.  If I manage to go another month without a blog, have a fantastic and brilliant Christmas!