Wednesday, June 12, 2019

My New House

AS you know, I've been very distracted most of this year because we moved Jan 3rd.  

Now I love my new house, and we got a great deal on it, but that's because it needed a bunch of work!   Especially on the outside.  

Here is what it looked like in the front when we bought it: 

 Craptastic right?   I think most buyers were majorly turned off  by the external appearance .  I can't say I loved it.  But the price was right -- we got a house with just over 3000 sq feet at just under $48 dollars each.  That's unheard of!   2400sq is on the first floor,  including a bedroom for me and Jerry, laundry, bathroom, kitchen, livingroom, and my studio -- a huge consideration for us.   I hate to admit this, but I'm starting to have mobility issues, and getting everything we need on 1 floor -- unbelievable. 
Amazing just how nice it looks with the under siding stuff, compared to when we bought it!

The over all total price was way under what I was willing to spend, which left money to get the work done that was needed.  I'm happy to say that as of 2 weeks ago, finally all the external house stuff is done done done, and it looks fantastic!

Front view, the large windows in the top left corner are in my studio area.  

Our neighbors appreciate the work we have put in...   folks from as far away as 3 blocks have stopped by and thanked us for working on the house! 
Side view, notice the 3 colors and the gorgeous brand new roof in a dark blue.
Here you can see the whole back of the house.  The sun makes it look like a grey, but in person its a lovely dark blue on the first floor, light blue on the 2nd, and white trim.

We did major stuff inside as well -- adding a HVAC system, updating some electrical, some painting, etc. 

Now that we don't have people pounding on the walls or the ceiling, it's time to start getting all the wall art up. 

We did buy some new to us furniture to go with the new house, and I am look forward to buying or making those little touches that will really make it a home.

My kitchen, dining room and livingroom have a vague Nightmare before Christmas theme, and the first floor bathroom is Doctor Who. 

Just last week I found the cutest soap dish for my bathroom!
We are hoping to put in a garage next year, and eventually I plan to actually make the back area a BBQ patio.  That's sort of last on the list, because with my allergies there is probably only a few weeks a year that I can really enjoy that, but still...

I really love my new house.  I'm really proud of my new house!  I'm really proud of myself and Jerry for being so frugal over the years to make this house possible.