Monday, November 26, 2012

last show this weekend - and special deal on my designs

I have my last show for the year this Saturday 9-3pm in Redfield IA - Winterfest Celebration .  Since it's a holiday show, and it's now past Thanksgiving, I can safetly talk about Christmas jewelry.

I love the holiday season, so of course I have to make at least a few pieces every year. 

Here are a couple of pics, and links to where you can purchase them if you can't make it out to Redfield this weekend.  I'm offering a special deal on all of my Etsy Jewelry through Dec 20th.  Just use the coupon code XMAS2012B in the shopping cart and you will get 20% off everything.  So buy Christmas earrings, or regular earrings or whatever trips your fancy.. and you get a Christmas kickback from me... Happy Holidays!

New this year.. Christmas angels!

snowmen.. you can get these in a variety of color combos

Christmas trees , my favorite!

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Happy Turkey Day!

What am I thankful for ?

here's the short list:

18+ years of marriage ( and almost 20 years of knowing) the love of my life...

That love helping to love and raise our daughter...

That I still have my parents and all of my siblings

That I have some of the best friends in the world

That after 44 year of trying, I actually like myself  (finally!)

Despite the ever growing list of health problems, overall I'm still here and more or less in one piece.

That it's a 4 day weekend.

Everyone, have a wonderful, safe, happy Thanksgiving weekend... and no political fights around the turkey!

Monday, November 19, 2012

thoughts: not really random.... but definitely rambling.

My hubby is going back to school in January.  I know I've talked about this before, but I'm still absorbing the changes our family ( and finances ) will be going through for the next couple of years.

My Daughter is 16... so both of them be in College at the same time for at least a year.  (or at least I hope the daughter is going to college!!)

My mind boggles.

I keep going back and forth on how to handle shows next year.  On the one hand, we need the income more than ever... on the other, Jerry will be juggling school, at least a part-time job, and possibly a full time job during the summer.  So not only will he be less flexible on helping with shows, we have no idea what his schedule looks like.  We have no idea what job he will have.. and if I book a lot of shows it might hurt his ability to hold a job during the summer...

So while I'm thinking we need to load it on for shows, another part of me is I need to hold back and do fewer shows to keep the schedule from overload.

I don't mind the changes on the horizon as much as the uncertainty. I really don't care for the uncertainty.  I'm a planner, and right now I don't feel like I have enough information to even formulate plans.  I like to make smart decisions and I don't have the info I need to make them. I am finding it hard to even make certain decisions without more info.  But the time to book shows is now... I've already applied to one show, and by the end of the month I'll probably have 2-3 more apps out, depending on how we end up playing next year.

Have you ever noticed that people that "want" to be considered spontaneous ----really hate surprises?? 

Have you ever noticed that spontaneity is valued more than planning?   Just why is that?? I mean both are good .... planning helps smooth the bumps of life, and a little spontaneity is the spice of life.  I get serious ribbing from family and friends for my planning.  Jerry calls it "scheming"  he says I'm not happy unless I'm scheming.. I've been called anal by other loved ones.  (Jerry is probably right.. I seem to run 2 or 3 commentary tracks in my head concerning what happens next and contingency plans)

I've already done Christmas shopping, such as we are doing it this year .  ( very very limited)

I will probably have the gifts wrapped in a week or so, as I get the rest of them in the mail.

I only have 1 show left , on Dec 1st.

newest version of my leaf bracelet
I'm already going into planning mode for inventory... deciding what needs to be the priority and what techniques I want to play with more or learn during my winter break.

It's just the way I'm made... Whatever is going on around me, my brain in 2 weeks out already.

Tomorrow we met the college folks and Jerry gets his schedule for next year.  That will be at least additional info to plug into my scheming brain.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Etched Cuffs

Etched, cleaned, LOS, then metal patina applied, more clean up and light sanding, then sealed with Ren Wax.
I applied black, let it dry, then a cobalt blue, let it dry, then "sanded" the paint off to show the pattern.  The paint is mostly still in the recess of the etched design. the Green bracelet has black, aqua and then jade.
 I had a large etching session about a month ago, and I'm just now getting around to using the pieces in jewelry.  I really enjoy making these cuffs.. the artwork is mine, and it's really just random thought Zentangle sort of process. I don't do them all at once.. I'll do an inch or so of artwork, and then let it dry so I don't smear my resist for the acid.  I just used sharpie markers on these.  I've learned it really helps if you just let the finished sharpie design sit for a good week before dipping it in the acid.  It probably doesn't have to sit quite so long, but with my hour here and hour there in the studio, that works just great... start the designs, work on them off an on for a week.. then let them sit til I have a good long Sunday to etch them.  ( I think I've always ended up etching on Sundays... it's the day I usually get the biggest block of time to play in the studio)

another view of the bracelets.

Monday, November 12, 2012

Muse Box revealed

comes wrapped in sari ribbon yummy colors!

Even got a "treat" bag... with my favorite type of m&m's in it and great brass extras
 Every once in a while, you really have to treat yourself artistically to keep the creative juices flowing.  Is there a $20.00 tool you have been thinking about?  A new type of patina or paints to try?  In my case I love buying a big mixed lot, and then enjoy a couple of hours sorting, sketching, dreaming, and making from the kewl random stuff I just got in the mail.

This time I decided to try a "muse box" from B'Sue Boutique.  

Sue doesn't always offer these, to get them you have to email her directly and ask.  They cost $100.00 which includes shipping in the USA and include $175.00-200.00 of materials. 

an overview shot of the goodies   

So I asked... and I'm glad I did.  I could go on and on but here are a couple of pics of my favorite items:
old perfume bottle.. love the bottle.. my allergies aren't so keen on the perfume remains.  I will have to really clean this before I can use it.. but it's adorable...

handful of steampunk type elements.  Shinny!

love the large bezel, adore the link.. I want more of the link!!!

large copper lobster clasp.. the perfect size, like 22mm

resin cabs with fairies.. very cute.  This is not something I would ever ever buy, but now that I have them I'm charmed by them

paper beads.  neat!

Monday, November 5, 2012

what's in progress....

I know it seems early for Christmas, but I have 3 holiday shows in the next month, so Christmas it is. 

With 3 more shows on the horizon, this weekend I'll be working on Christmas items and more steampunk.  You can see a picture of the earrings I"m working on today.  I've also got some acid etched designs that I'll be LOS'ing today, and some gears/cogs/bits of metal from reclaimed items to clean up in preparation of steampunk.  So busy, busy, busy.....

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Art Blanks for Stamping

Kelly Brown's work, you can buy it here
Now that the pace of art shows has slowed down to a trickle, and soon to a full stop, I"m trying to build up my etsy stores. (notice now I've got tabs across the top of the blog with direct links to my website, jewelry  store and my destash ) I enjoy making some of the supplies I sell, and I'm very glad to share with you what one of my customers is doing with them, Kelly Brown of Pretty Little Things.

I get a kick out of seeing what Kelly and others have made with my blanks, cabs and findings that I made.  I"m hard at work expanding the line.... you can check out my handmade findings at my destash store in the Artisan OOAK findings section.   I'll be adding to that section ( and both my etsy sites in general) over the next several weeks.

more hearts like I made for Kelly

new in the store.. crosses!

discs in different sizes, metal, and gauge