Monday, October 30, 2017

Decisions, decisions decisions ...

I'm so very please to once again be the featured artist at Five Monkeys, Inc  art gallery again!  I  feel very honored. 

I'm trying to pull inventory,  figure out the displays, and get everything indexed before I need to set up Weds Night.   So I'll keep this short.... but look for a blog Weds night or Thurs with lots of pics of the display! 

Sunday, October 29, 2017

Jerry's favorite earrings.....

 Jerry loves this earrings, because they incorporate parts you would have seen everyday of your life, if not actually used the item, at least for folks born before the the mid-nineties.   Kids my daughter's age ( 21) and younger, not so much.  Can you guess what the clear columns in these earrings are from?
Scroll down ---

They are the receiver buttons on a old phone... you know the clear plastic bits that you rested the phone on that cut off the phone dial. 

Kewl huh??

Wednesday, October 25, 2017

I'm BACCCCCK! with a Sax......

 I'm BACK!! OK had my last show for the year last weekend, and it was a tad cold, and rainy, but hey !  Overall this year we really lucked out on the weather.  Only 2 weekends that the weather was well, crappy... Don't get my started on 2008, the year of many canceled shows!!!!! argh!

OK! so, now I'm in my winter zone.... I get to experiment more, I can slow down and come up with some really fantastic, artsy pieces, I actually get to read once in a while without feeling guilty, and maybe my house will be slightly cleaner than it is in the summer.  ( and maybe not)

I'm also gearing up to be the feature artist in November at Five Monkey's, Inc gallery here in town!   woot!   So this weekend I'll be spending time going through my stash and deciding what will be in the gallery.. I have several pieces there now of course, but my display will double, possibly triple in size, at least through the end of this year.  Not only will I have my Mechanical Romance line, but I'll have chainmaile as well, and a few select holiday pieces.

I've been kicking around making a few holiday pins featuring gears actually... anyone have any interest??

OK I have to tell you this funny funny story .... Jerry tells me he's bought me a present.  Well I love love love prezzies!!!  So I begged and whine to find out what it was... well he bought a saxophone to take apart and make jewelry out of it. 

WOW!!! we have taken apart broken flutes but a sax?  how much?  He's like only $5.

and he shows me...

I adore the MOP buttons!

It's got problems, that's visible that it's in rough shape, but still we try to recycle in a responsible manner... and not rip apart stuff that's you know, valuable or usable condition.   So I ask him do you think it's OK to rip this up???

so he shows me this:

WOW!  this seriously is the best possible prezzie.. I love a sax! it's my favorite instrument.  The wonderful soulful sound they make... they can be the most incredibly happy noise -- or sad with just that lilt of hope threaded in, something to keep a small flame burning in your heart on a dark day. 

And I can make jewelry with one without any guilt!!! Woot!!!

Thanks Honey!

He tells me he was just killing time waiting for his appointment and saw a thrift store we haven't been in before.  So He pokes in and sees this older looking case and asked the counter guy if anything is in it. 

The guy proceeded to tell him the thing is a bad luck piece.. he sold it but it got returned because it would cost too much to fix.  At this point, he said it would take $5.00 for it cause he was taking it in for scrap and probably wouldn't get more than that for it.

Jerry takes one look, and says, sure!!

So that's how I got the sax... if Jerry hadn't caught it that afternoon it would have gone for scrap. 

Now I just need to get Jerry to take it apart!!

I already have a couple of ideas lurking in the brain box...   This is gonna be the best winter ever!!!


Monday, October 2, 2017

Taking a break

Hey guys, I'm taking the week off from blogging.. I'll be back next Monday .