Sunday, November 10, 2019

Random Thoughts

 Some time ago, I raved about my new little cart but didn't post pics of it all filled with beady goodness.

Actually it's wire goodness, as playing around with the various things I could put in the cart, I discovered I could fit almost all my wire, and all my other stringing materials in it!

I so love love love being organized !!

 The pics show both sides and how all the wonderful extra bits can be hung off the rim of the shelves.  I really love it!  It was made for scrape booking -- the bar where I have wire spools was probably for tape or ribbons.

I got it at Micheal's this spring on sale...  I think retail it would be $75 but I got it 40% off. I highly recommend it  ( and it's all metal, so my magnets work on it as well)

In a few weeks thanksgiving will be upon us, and 4 weeks after than Christmas!   This year has gone fast fast fast!   We moved into the new house in February  and I still have pictures left to hang.  I can honestly say if I haven't unpacked everything, I have gone through all the boxes. 

The big house project right now is setting up the spare bedroom.  Jerry has a headboard he had as a child.  It's a family piece, and probably around 100 years old.  The full frame went missing years ago So we bought a cheap frame and mattress and set up the bed.  The room is large enough we also moved the day bed up there ( so I now have even more room in the studio!! )  So now we have proper accommodations for family and friends who visit.

Still working on cleaning up there and putting up ( you guessed it) pictures to liven it up.  Need to figure out a door for the bathroom -- right now it's sort of a room divider  with a open space where a door would go.  I figure we will just hang a curtain or something.  We specialize in economical quick fixes!!

We got yet another family member this summer, another kitten that needed a good home.  His name is Parker, and he gets along really well with all the cats in the house.  We got home when he was around 12 weeks, and the picture below shows him sprawled on me is around his 13th week.

He's gotten so big now!
Doesn't he look like he's sucking his thumb in this picture!

Here he is keeping me company while I make earrings. 

OK the elephant in the blog ... yeah, I know I've not posted in months and months, and I hadn't posted much before the last post back in August.  I am not going into details... suffice to say this year, despite all the happy / good things that have happened (house, improved studio space, a working oven, new kittens, family etc) I've really struggled.  My asthma has been hard to keep under control, and I've been fighting depression.

I'm finally coming out of it, and for the first time in almost a year I'm finally feeling like I have my self back.   I haven't felt like blogging pretty much during this time, and it's only been in the last few weeks I felt like I could share stuff again - that I could even get the energy to try to write a blog.  (or do much of anything)

So everyone out there, take care of yourself and don't be afraid to ask for help.