Sunday, July 23, 2017

Mermaid Commissions

Back in Late May (?) I had a gal ask me about doing a mermaid piece.  I said sure!! I ended up making these 2 pieces, and darn if she didn't end up buying both of them.

Clock, watch parts, American made brass some pewter parts, and chain.

Mermaids Ahoy!

Thursday, July 20, 2017

I'm working on the railroad....

Early idea for the train
OK last post I I showed you my train necklace, I just wanted to tell you more about this.  Back in November I got these great vintage french brass stampings of a train engine.  I loved it! It's the perfect steampunk kind of image!

You can see above one of my earlier ideas ... but I kept playing around with it  - or putting it aside but not completely away, because I really wanted to make something with a train theme.

So Last week I ran across the brass train again, and I had fairies out, and it just clicked.  I mean someone has to drive the engine right?   Who better than a fairy, at least when it's my jewelry.

Before I got my hands on the back.... 
And after I added color and brass!
I wanted a watch or clock involved somehow, because trains made America great -- and it took accurate time pieces to do it.   There are a whole range of specialty pocket watches made specifically for train workers.   I have had a few pocket watch faces that were train types but I've already used them in other projects.  The great railroad pocket watches tend to be more valuable and don't get pieced out... and I only recycle responsibly.  (you can read that as if it's pretty or functional- and not a adding machine, cause even the pretty adding machines are butt ugly- then it's not on my chopping block)

All finished

So I fished around and found this cute square face from a old alarm clock.  The back was pretty ugly, so I decided to add patina and then brass to make it look nice from both sides.    I added another clock part in the front, and it might be hard to tell from the picture but I have small watch gears in front of the train wheels.

Monday, July 17, 2017

Adventures this weekend

Train necklace, fused glass and my popular bird necklaces,
 I had 13 projects lined up, and I didn't get them all done but I got 9 of them done, as well as a few earrings that I hadn't planned for.  And I've laid out probably my most ambitious statement piece ever, but I'm trying to decide if I'm happy about it or not.  So come this Saturday at Farmer's Market  and see the new goodies!
I've been working on this guy off and on for over a 2 months, and I'm so pleased how it turned out.

Saturday, July 15, 2017

This Weekend I will get these done........

 I hope!! Next weekend is Farmer's Market and I want some new big pieces to wow folks.  So Wednesday I carefully set out the pieces to 3 projects I've been working on off and on for a month or so, and then some quickie earrings and a couple of other things I needed inventory wise.  I come up with 13 pieces, and my goal is to get them done by Sunday night.  Thursday I got absolutely no work time, but Friday night I got a good chunk of time.

 I wish I could say I got everything done - I only actually got 2 earrings done -  but I feel good, I've made huge progress.

 In this pic you see things I'm gluing.  Now most of these pieces will be riveted as well, because I cannot find it to trust glue by it's self.  But I like to use glue to reinforce and sometimes to hold delicate pieces in place so when I rivet I won't have to worry about it shifting.    So this picture shows a bunch of stuff drying, with pressure for a good strong glue bond.  Tomorrow I should be able to finish up the rivets and add chains and clasps and maybe dangles and embellishments as needed.   The little round containers have the pieces that aren't being glued.. that way I can find them when I'm ready to assemble the pieces.  Nothing is worse that finally having all the pre-work done and then you can't find the damn things you are working with!!

Saturday, July 8, 2017

A lazy but productive day.....

Version one, in antique brass colors.  
I love Saturdays like this!! My wonderful darling daughter is off having fun with relatives, and my hubby is off with the guys gaming for the day.  So I get to keep the home fires burning, just me and the cats.

Jerry thoughtfully got me treats at the store, so I have food for the day, lots of cold pop in the fridge, and my air is already chugging away trying to make the studio tolerable.  I got to sleep in til 10am

that bears repeating.... I GOT TO SLEEP IN TIL 10AM!!!!!!!!! WOOOOOOOHOOOOO!

sorry, I get emotional about my sleep :)

The last 2 weeks I've been burnt out I think.. we are half way through show season, I've been working overtime at my day job, and it's been hot.. humid and hot.  at least every other day.  You know Iowa, one day it's really hot and humid and the next, it's 30 degrees cooler.  Or it's all in the say day.  You know, typical Iowa weather.   The humidity just kills me, I wilt, and don't move much.

Any Terry Pratchett fans out there ?   You know his trolls right?  They are the typical trolls, stupid, slow, lumbering, etc.  At least at warmer temperatures.  You get them in a freezer, and they are scary smart and articulate and actually have grace.

I'm a Terry Pratchett troll.   I get too hot and the humidity is high... I hardly move, I lumber in place and I speak in few words.  Get me at a nice comfy temperature and I'm witty and funny and intelligent and I move a smidgen  faster.  Yeah, I'm really not a fast mover regardless of the temp.

Version 2, in silver, and with beaded chain.  yummy!
So honestly having a studio in my attic and having only a small window unit to cool it down.... it gets uncomfy up there at times in the summer.  ( and then in the winter, I use oil heaters.  No heating up there either.. but I'm much better being chilly than warm)

I know know... once must suffer for one's art... but where does it say I have to sweat???

I hate to waste money, so on working days we turn the air on 1-2pm, and it's still warm when I finally get up there around 6-7pm.  But it does cut the humidity.

So Today, since I get to play allllll day, I set the timer for 8am.  as soon as my brunch is done cooking, I am going up and I will work on inventory.

Since my brain is a limp noodle of late, I have a list of top inventory needs, like navigation rings, to work on.  I'm hoping just being up there and the mojo will kick in and I'll make needed inventory items but have a "magic" piece or 2.

Eitherway, I'm gonna have a lovely, quiet, peaceful day in my PJs.

Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Planning my Trip

Elegant design featuring a clock gear and a vintage crystal in a wonderful barrel shape.
I don't have another show until July 22th, so now I finally have a few minutes to rub together I need to spend time planning the family vacation.  Nothing huge this year, just going to St Louis for a few days to relax, antique, and try what apparently is one of St. Louis's delicacies.. butter gooey cake.

Hotels are booked ( all on points yeah!!!!) and now I'm planning out activities.  I have friends ( Hi Cathie ! Hi Sue!! ) that make fun of my planning style , but my family loves it.   Our ideal trips incorporate hotels booked in advanced and 1 to 3 planned activities daily, with lots of time left unplanned to have some spontaneity - or just relax in the hotel if we are all feeling low energy.

I budget the trips, but I do so in a way that no one else has to worry about the $$ but me, and I always build in a healthy cushion just in case something kewl shows up.   I also save up money through the year, so when vacation time rolls around, I don't have to scramble for dollars.

 I have a total dollar amount that can be spent each day, and as long as we don't go over that, we can spend as much as we want to.

We have 1 hard rule when the BarronMiller's go vacationing.. we always know where we need to  be at the end of the day to sleep.

This means I usually spreadsheet the $ and the activities and print it out for the trip, though the last trip I just used my cell phone to track everything, and that worked great.

That way everyone has fun, I don't have to worry about over spending, and I always have a pillow for my head at the end of the day.  And I don't have to worry about a huge credit card bill when we get home.

I don't understand why anyone would want to take trips and not plan !!!!!

Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Happy Fourth!!!!!

Commercial sea glass and silver fairy - recycled silver chain for necklace

Have a great day - celebrate your country and your family! Me -- we are making home made maid-rites and corn, and Jerry and I are watching TV together while he destroys stuff and I create stuff.  Living the American Dream baby!