Saturday, August 10, 2019

Getting on Track.......

HereĆ¢€™s the start pile for this week.  Bunch of bling earrings and a few necklaces.

Hi.  I could go on and on about how busy I've been and yeah, this is the first blog in MONTHS and yada yada yada.

Instead, lets just go forward.


Today is a rare rare day in Kat's word.  I literally have no obligations other than to feed and amuse myself today.

Do have dishes to wash?  sure, but it's only a couple of loads, so if I skip them today, no biggie.  Should I work on laundry? of course, but if I don't I have all day tomorrow to worry about it. 

Jerry is at work.  Jesscera will be leaving for work in the next hour.  Not only do I have no pressing chores but I have the house to myself!!!

Seriously unprecedented.  its been maybe since we moved that I had a day so unfettered.

And I feel pretty good today... I've been having the worse Asthma / Allergy year so far, but today I'm feeling pretty good.  A little snuffly, but no wheezy when I woke up, no lung pressure (so far) and my knee is as good as it ever gets anymore.

It's like the planets have aligned!

I really want to get some stuff made today... I feel it, which is fantastic- cause of late, my artsy mojo is been no mo. 

So, I'm wearing favorite PJ's, I have the sweet sweet salsa / 40's/ scat/ swing goodness of Caro Emerald playing right now, I have a starting pile of interesting bits to play with, and I just ate a great brunch. So let's make magic!