Saturday, November 30, 2013

surfing the web

The last week I've been cruising the Internet more the normal.  Heck, I don't normally have the free time to sit in front of my computer and just browse the web.  But I've been Christmas shopping, and that's lead to strange waters.  I detail only one:

 I am a hug fan of Tim Burton's Nightmare Before Christmas movie.   Jerry showed me this very kewl t-shirt design showing Jack in the holiday forest, staring at a tree with a TARTIS on it.  wowo! 2 of my most favorite cultural icons on one t-shirt! I want I want I want!! I did finally find it ( the artist doesn't currently have t-shirts up but you can buy prints here) but one of the things I ran into was Sally as the virgin Mary.    I kid you not.  I adore Nightmare, but Sally as the virgin Mary??

I did some more searching on etsy and ran across a couple more strange juxtapositions of various characters playing Mary, so maybe it's some sort of Catholic thing.

Notice I didn't lift pictures of either item because I respect copyright.  But click on the links to check them out!!

I still want that shirt.

I hope everyone had a grand Thanksgiving!!  I've certainly enjoying my 4 day weekend.  Tomorrow is a PJ day, if I get anything useful done it will be to work on my commissions.   I have a very interesting challenge from a customer I'm working on, but they are Christmas gifts so no sharing until after the holiday.

Or maybe I will read.

Or maybe I'll just goof off on the Internet again!

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Adding machine pic

Jerry and Jesscera ... he's sooo happy to have a new baby to destroy!
 Trying to clean up my pic files, I love this one... its from one of the Sunday Bazaars we did in the Village in September, and Jerry bought this adding machine and took it apart almost immediately.  It had really kewl number dials on it, which made great earrings.  I've only got a few of them left now!! (the dials.. and 1 pair of earrings)

I probably won't blog in the next week or so, since I don't have anything on the docket and next week is ThanksGiving!! so have a great holiday all!

Monday, November 18, 2013

Random Thoughts

My shows are at a end for the year / til May probably, thought I can pencil in some home shows and of course if anything really interesting pops up I'll go for that.   I admit after the success of the Holiday Boutique I'm somewhat more inclined to give more crafty venues a 2nd try.

Still I feel a huge bit of contentment that I'm done for awhile.

Time to recharge my batteries, catch up on other activities (house cleaning, ugh) and read books without active guilt.

The break between the last of the September shows and These shows in November was long enough I started to work on things for fun!!! So I doubt it's gonna be a long break.

Once again a childhood show disappoints the adult in me.  I caught a couple episodes of lost in space this weekend on TV, and boy, what a illogical plot both had.  How can anyone trust Dr Smith when he seems to betray them every episode?   Miners digging too deep and destroying the planet??  Judy and the other guy never quite seem to get it on???  ugh.  And Poor Penny, doomed to always be alone.

The robot is still kewl, Bill Mummy is adorable, and I still like the theme song.   The mom in the show is beyond insipid.  I think next time it's on I"ll watch the opening credits and ta da along, and then change the channel.

I miss the Daily show.  I hear what's going on in politics on NPR  and never hear the funny side anymore. 

I still haven't seen the last episode  of Project Runway Season 12.  I know Dom won, and I'm sure she deserved it, but I really need to chase that down sometime.  I wonder who won Face off??   now that I have time again, I'm sure I"ll trip over this stuff online eventually.

I'm contemplating buying a tablet, and then feel guilty.  I mean here we are doing very well managing money on a single income, but there really isn't extras $$.  Then I think the business has done so very well this year, and it's easily a business expense.  The business has some $$.  I want a I-pad, but at $500 it's way too expensive.  I 've looked at some alternatives for half that... still I don't really need it, I've spent 45 years of my life without it.     but I want it!! Why do I want it?  I wish I could absolutely pin down why beyond I want it!!

Part of our financial plan as a single income family is paying off the car ( which means no savings left, but no monthly car payment either) We got the title in the mail on Saturday.  I don't think I've owned a car outright since My college days.  My college cars were junk.  Our owned out right car is a 2012 Grand Caravan.  It feels good. 

Reading Terry Pratchett's Tiffany series.  pretty good.  I got them for Jerry for Xmas last year.. which tells you how up to date my reading pile is.

Going to watch a movie with the Man now... it's actually a homework assignment for him.  I don't remember being able to watch movies as homework when I went to college!!!!

Monday, November 11, 2013

This weekend: Beaverdale Holiday Boutique

"At my garden window"  brass , crystals
A funny thing happened last week, on the eve of my "last show" of the year.... turns out it's not the last show.  This coming weekend, Fri Nov 15th 6-830pm, and Sat Nov 16th 8-3pm I'm pleased to announce I'm in the Beaverdale Holiday boutique

Now, how, do you ask, do I end up in one of the best local and longest running (36 years and counting!!)  church shows in the Des Moines Area and not know about it??

Well, I signed up for this show, or tried too, 4-5 different times this summer, and every time the website would cut out on me somewhere in the process.  I would start the application again, and again, I would loose the website.  I finally gave up.... but apparently one or more of the application attempts actually worked.  Wooooo hooo!!

So Join me this Fri or Sat for a huge huge and what's gonna be a fun church show !!   I'm now gonna run upstairs and create new stuff just for this show!!

Saturday, November 9, 2013

Art on the Prairie

Door hardware that I got at a flea market some time ago, vintage watch face and butterfly, crystals are captured in the drop
 Sorry that I dropped off the face of the earth.  On top of all of my normal busy busy, Last week ( and somewhat still now) I got the worse cold in my entire life, and it had bad asthma side issues to boot.  Ugh.  My doctor basically said bed-rest last weekend, and it wasn't hard to do, as moving just made it worse.  It was best to just sit there and not move, regardless of what the doctor said anyway.  I basically didn't move from Fri at 6pm (when I got home from work) until Monday Morning around 7am, when I had to get up for work again.  I'm mostly slept (poorly) and took medication, and coughed, coughed, coughed.  I had no appetite and took naps all the time.  For those of you who know me personally, these last too items should alarm you as much as they did my family.  I never take naps, and I damn well never loose my appetite.  Even when I have the flu and i"m worshiping the porcelain god, I very rarely lose my appetite for food.  I did with this cold.  I only really got it back maybe Weds? of this week. 

So while I had great plans to have all kinds of new items ready for Art on the Prairie this weekend, they just didn't happen. 

I did have new earrings and a few necklaces, but I still feel like I have gaping holes in my inventory.  Still I'm making the best of it.  The Prairie takes place in several downtown buildings in Perry, many of them historic and just beautiful.  My venue space is the Carnegie Library.  This building is just gorgeous both inside and out.  Built in 1904, very classical lines and it's been restored to approximately to 1910.  We are in a room just off the bathrooms and share space with a young artist named Mallory.   She's a student and this is her first show, so it's really fun to share space with an up and comer.

There are a ton of fabulous artists at this show, including one of my long time favorites, Julie McCullough.
She has been making lovely fiber dolls forever, but the last couple of years she's been combining her dolls with found objects / junk.  I just love where her art is going, it really speaks to me.  Someday I will buy something from her, it's just not going to be this year. 

Jerry and I will be back tomorrow in the same place, 10-4pm.  Be sure to drop by if you are in the area.

Gear from 1882 clock, dragonflies and crystals.