Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Time in a Bottle.......

Little glass bottles with vintage watch parts

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

just pictures

My favorite from the last batch of leaf bracelets.  I love how the dragonfly's tile curves lovingly around the largest cog.
not really in the mood to blog, just tired... but here are pics from recent jewelry.  I'm working on another lady liberty necklace this week. 
And Jerry's favorite.. He likes the Mother of Pearl finish on the vintage watch face.  ( which admittedly is hard to see in the photo)

Saturday, September 6, 2014


Had another great great show today in Cedar Falls IA.... Amongst the many sales, Mr. Octi is gone.  I always meant to to do a special blog on him, never got around it.

Next weekend is Valley Junction Sunday Sept 14th.  This year it's called "Fall Art & Upcycle Market" 
which makes it right up my alley with my Mechanical Romance line.

I doubt I'll blog much this week, it's very busy ( as if normal work and getting ready for shows wasn't enough) as it's my Baby girls 18th birthday!!


I mean.. wow.

I can't be the mom to a 18 year old... I mean she's legally a adult in a few days.


Thursday, September 4, 2014

Taking Flight

I like the chain I used on this
 I'm sooo pleased, I got this gone in time for Cedar Falls this weekend! yeah!

It's an idea I've been playing with for a couple of weeks.  The giant butterfly originally was going to be a bracelet of some sort, but it never quite worked for me.  It's been hanging out in a baggie with parts for the bracelet for probably 6 months... I finally took it out of that bag and set it aside and just stared at it once in a while.

Then I was putting away some key materials, and ran across the vintage keyhole and bonk! I knew the 2 had to be together.

I really wanted someone peeking out at me, so a cut out a face from my growing cookie and candy tin collection, and wired her on the butterfly's abdomen, then riveted the keyhole in place.. I added spacers so she's not directly again the keyhole.. I wanted that extra dimension to it.  I wanted to give her alittle shadow to hide in.  The clock face is very old, probably 1900's, it's ceramic and has lovely delicate pattern on it, which seemed fitting to so refine a lady peeking out.
another long view

A lady from 1880's is peeking out the key hole.. or are we looking in on her?

A shot of the necklace in progress