Friday, May 28, 2010

Just 2 of the new goodies I'll have at Market Day tomorrow...

Just 2 of the new pendants I have made in the last 2 weeks. Stop by and see them in person.. if you don't see them, just ask, they might not be out yet!! Here is the info on how to get to Market Day !

Market Day Iowa is This Saturday! WOOT!

I'm getting really excited about Market Day this year! It's a small show, but it's relocated closer to Farmer's Market, and we have been getting really great buzz of late (Lovely pics in the local newsweekly Juice, Facebook, probably more that I've missed)

The booth size is smaller than I'm used to. Most outside shows conform to the standard 10'x10' tent size. My booth at Market Day will be 5x6. Ouch!! But I love a challenge, and with my new shelf display, I'm quite excited to see how they work indoors. Jerry and I bought new lights for the shelves, and this will be the first indoor event for them. And I'm bringing all the jewelry, so if you are looking for something, just ask, it might be behind the counter!

It sounds like there will be an amazing variety of stuff both made and vintage, you can see some of the vendor's pics here .

So... if you are in the Des Moines Area, Stop by Market Day and say hi, and buy Iowa- made goodies from me (naturally!) and all of my fellow vendors!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

What I made at my Gallery Visit Saturday.....

I love setting up at the gallery, meeting people in the mall, answering questions on jewelry making. I wrapped my own fused glass cabs during my visit, here are a couple of them pre-polish/cleanup. I love the shape of this first one! it makes me think of dolphins. The second pendant and 3rd pendants I was experimenting with transparent over dichro. I love the look! All wrapped in Sterling wire.

Friday, May 21, 2010

I haven't been this scared in a long, long, long time!

What you ask, could scare the Kat? Public speaking. In this case, I made a small video introducing my business and my studio.

why, you ask, does this scare me? I wish to heck I knew. I used to throw up before speech class in school on days I had to give a presentation. I'm great one on one, or smaller groups. I've sung in people's weddings! but talking is different.

Why on earth did I make a video if it makes me hyperventilate ? Because the folks at MarketDay wanted videos to promote Market Day.. which is May 29th 9-2pm. ( ) After some discussion w/ the hubby, we thought it would be a good idea to make a video for marketing purposes.

So with great trepidation, I made a video, and now it's on my facebook and YouTube. ( here's the YouTube link: ) (here's the facebook link, not sure you can see it on facebook w/o being a fan, but the quality is better:!/pages/Kat-BarronMiller-Midnight-Kat-Productions/143083067697?ref=ts )

Let me know what you think!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

This is my favorite thing I've made this week....

I made a bunch of stuff the last couple of weeks.. since it's my last weekend free until mid-July, I just did whatever came to my mind... I wanted to make pins so I made a bunch of pins. I made a really kewl wire wrapped watch which I'll get pics up soon. I made some bracelets because I was low on bracelets. I made earrings to match existing necklaces... I made up a couple of glass loads in the kiln. etc etc etc -- but the thing I made that I"m the most proud of, that really sings to me is this pin. It says Reach for the STARS! and it's all textured and stamped. I use both copper and sterling silver.. and the little hand charm is pewter in gold-toned. I love mixing metals!! Super fun to make, and if it never sells I'll put it on my jacket this winter!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

2 shows this weekend!

I'm getting excited, this weekend is a double header! First, on Saturday, I have the Art Store Art Show. It's a lovely show, it's only 10 artists in the parking lot of the Art Store in West Des Moines, but it's always an interesting mix of artists and customers. This time, it's combined with the Art Store's legendary garage sale, so not only can you buy very kewl local art, but you can get some amazing deals on art supplies!

Sunday is Valley Junction Spring Art Market. I've done this show for years, it's held in historic Valley Junction. Most of the shops have special hours on an art market Sunday, so come and see 75 + artist and one of the most interesting eclectic shops in the Des Moines area.

Both shows promise to make this weekend as interesting as it will be busy!

Monday, May 10, 2010

Simply Silver....

Been just playing with sterling wire. I love the liquid look silver gets when it's polished to a high gleam! Hard to photograph though. Here are 2 rings and a pendant, mostly sterling silver. ( I did add a quartz crystal to the pendant!)

Wednesday, May 5, 2010


I made this set maybe a month ago? It's banded amethyst in the pendant, and cape amethyst in the bracelet wit sterling and pearls. The cab is wrapped in 21 and 20 GA sterling wire. I love how these types of amethyst have inclusions and banding.. it's just so yummy! Both are currently in back stock, soon to be displayed at an art show/ farmer's market near you.

This leads into a subject which I'm all kinds of satisfied on. My show schedule for this summer is nearly complete! I feel like the bell of the ball with a full dance card!! You can check out my summer schedule here: . I'm mostly sticking close to home this year, doing Downtown Des Moines Farmer's Market,
West Glen's Farmer's Market, local events like the Art Store Art Show and Market Day, among others. It's a full summer, and I hope to see you soon at one of these fine venues!

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Farmer's Market was a blast!!!

The Weather ( for May 1st!) was perfect! Everyone was happy and friendly, and in a buying mood. The food was great, and some new kinds for the market.. Mini-donuts! Ukrainian food! Yummy! (had this great stuffed bread thingie, don't know what it's called but fab fab fab!)

I love trying new things!!

And so did some of the customers! Below are pictures of just 2 items that sold today. The earrings start with a vintage crackle glass bead, surrounded by crystals in the color of rainbows. The stripped pendant is one of my own fused glass creations.

And a couple of people even saw my facebook listing ( I offered $5.00 off purchases of $20.00 or more if they saw it on my facebook or the farmer market's facebook)

What a great way to start my official show season, and a great way to start Farmer's Market!