Sunday, July 29, 2018

Happy Anniversary !

Tomorrow I celebrate my 24th wedding anniversary to Jerry.

I can't believe I've been with him now almost half my life.  It's amazing, and humbling and overwhelming. 

I'm truly lucky and blessed and all the lovely words in the world -- I'm so happy he's apart of my life and my family.

Love you!

I wish we could celebrate this event on the actual day, but since reality is a jealous beast, we both have to work like normal.  Instead we are doing a flea market / garage sale run next weekend, just the 2 of us.  Going to the What Cheer Flea market, which is huge and fun, and we will shop til we drop, eat pie ( a vendor there has fantastic homemade pies!) hit the Pella bakery for goodies, find some kewl local joint to eat something new, and just generally enjoy each other's company.

24 years and counting.

I can't wait for what's next!

Monday, July 23, 2018

Farmer's Market This Saturday!

This weekend, July 28th, I have another Farmer's Market!

So I guess I better go to the studio and some new stuff done! 

Friday, July 20, 2018

Tis the season of necklaces

I cannot keep fairy/angels in stock.. they sell as soon as I make them
 I've been making jewelry for over 20 years now, and I've been doing art shows for 16+ years, and after awhile, you start to notice trends. 

Earrings are always popular, but long or short goes in cycles.  Some years bracelets are the top seller, and some years everyone seems to want necklaces.

Again, this is a TREND... which means while I'm selling more necklaces this year than last, I'm still selling anklets and bracelets.. just not as many.  But I'm selling necklaces like hotcakes.

I'm good with this, as making necklaces is probably my favorite type of jewelry to make.  My necklaces tend to be one of a kind, even when I set out to make something over --it's not going to be the same.  One of the reasons I adore playing with vintage goodies... it keeps it fresh, interesting, and I rarely make 2 things alike!

So I'm a happy camper.  This weekend I'm gonna catch up on chainmaile needs and then I'm gonna focus on more necklaces.  I have a week before Farmer's Market, so this is the time to play!

Happy weekend guys!
3 necklaces I made up recently using clock parts, watch parts and recycled jewelry parts.  All three are gone.

Tuesday, July 17, 2018

I'm getting old.......

One of my newer pieces, vintage clock gears, vintage pocket watch face
 Well I have 1 word for how my 3 day show went: pain.

Jerry and I both feel so old, cause 3 days shows, even when everyone is super friendly and happy and want to spend money.... 3 days is just too much stress on our poor old bodies.

Doing shows is hard work!

If you are outside, you have to deal with possible weather extremes and smokers. ( No  comments that I'm being mean, I have asthma and I just can't be around it.  It's a health issue)

Inside you deal with lighting issues.

We have to load the car, unload and set up in the space, and when it's over load the car again.

Here's what's gets hauled around for a typical show:

3 tables
6-7 crates of displays and selling materials. 
2 heavy and large metal shelves
bamboo coverings for the tables
cash box
2 heavy bags of jewelry supplies so I can customize on the fly during the show
2 bags of jewelry
2 chairs
floor cushion tiles
10x10 tent
assorted stuff, usually an extra bag worth.
4 8-10 lb blocks of concrete  (tent weights)

All of this seriously fills up the entire van.  We have enough space for 2 people to sit, 3 if they don't mind having a crate or the cooler in their laps.

I haven't weight this stuff, but I bet it's at least 150lbs pounds. 

Being "on" all the time.  Standing up for chunks of time, or sitting in crappy folding chairs. 

Don't get me wrong, I'm grateful and glad to do my shows, make new friends with customers, sell items and have a good time.

But it takes it out of you, both mentally and physically.  One day shows is fine, it's just the longer shows that prove really tasking. 

Last year and this year both we are doing fewer shows, mostly concentrating on Farmer's Market.  I think that trend will continue. 

Thursday, July 5, 2018

Farmer's Market this Weekend!

You know, it's been really really hot lately, so hot that it's been hard to work in the studio.  Our house doesn't have central air, and I don't have heating up in the studio... I make due with window units, oil heaters, and fans during temperature extremes.  Regretfully, in this 95-102 degree weather, I sweat like a pig and take air-conditioning breaks.  My bedroom window unit is fantastic, so 10-15 minute cooling breaks make it slightly more do-able.   So this pic is me hanging out with my beady buddy Kya, both of us enjoying the waves of cool air traveling over our bodies.   Some days I feel like moving my studio into my bedroom!! 

It looks like the heat broke finally.. it's still in the high 80's today but it's not quite as humid... right now the weather for Saturday's Des Moines Downtown Farmer's Market sound excellent... high in the mid 80's and humidity around 50 %.. which is higher than I like but compared to last week, it's a balmy day! 

Here's another thing to be excited about -- we have been selling necklaces like hotcakes !  The dragonfly below is long gone, it sold the first FM I had it at.  But I loved making it, I love making bigger pieces where I can really express myself.    I've been hard at work the last few weeks making new necklaces - and earrings - and bracelets.  I'll have a sneak peek later tonight or tomorrow in facebook.

Or come in person to FM and see them yourself! 7-12pm  across the street from Hy-Vee on 4th st. 
 I have a few more that I am hoping to finish before Saturday Morning, and I bet Kya will help me, even if the studio is still warmish!

Monday, July 2, 2018

Mostly Random Thoughts and pics

I've not really felt like blogging of late, but I really need to get back into good habits.  Since I have the attention span of a Gerbil , it seems time for a random thought post. 

First, the really kewl necklace above sold at the last FM, so I don't have it anymore, but I loved that it started out as a old vintage boy scout order of the arrow bookmark.

I loved the shape it had, so building it was really just about making a silhouette that I liked as much as the original shape. 

It's amazing where we find stuff to make jewelry out of.  Today Jerry was paying our parking for work.. which is a downtown church.  Someone had dropped off a domestic sewing machine as a donation.  Jerry asked them how much, they looked at him like he was crazy, but he bought it on the spot.

I love the domestics sewing machines.  They got bought out in the early 30's but they continued to sell the stock with the old branding until they ran out.   I just adore the tag on these, "domestic" in a pretty script. 

I usually just make bracelets out of the tag, but I got a idea of a big statement piece using it.  I hope I can carry it out, it looks fantastic in my head! 

I am a NPR junkie at work when I can.  However for my mental health, I'm thinking I need to limit listening or cut it out entirely, it's just so damn depressing and I  get so furious at the raging hypocritical government we currently have.  Don't get me started.

I'm noticing a trend in commercials, more and more gay couples are being portrayed in a positive, "this is real life" affirming way.  Yeah!    One last year had 2 dads worried about a sick child, and I just saw a Vegas commercial this weekend featuring 2 women getting married.

This means of course that Gay folks are not as cool anymore.. cause they are mainstreaming.  I bet they are OK with this, at least the mainstreaming part :)

So raised your hand if you cried during Handmaid last week.  I dread / can't wait for the new episode next Wednesday . 

I love my hubby.

I'm almost 50.   My body is wearing out.  My soul will be forever.

Asthma Sucks.