Monday, January 17, 2022

I love Nightmare

As in Nightmare Before Christmas that is.  In my family I just call it Nightmare, but in fandom it's NBC.  

One of my goals is to completely redo my kitchen and dining room into a NBC theme -- and over the last couple of years I've added touches when and where I can.  Above is a light switch plate I added about a year ago-- As I find designs I like ( and have the spare $$) I'll get them all replaced, as well as the visible plug ins.  
Another touch I added last year is padded window seat in the dining room.   ( in a lovely purple which is of course of one the main NBC colors! ) 

The window seat came with the house of course, but it was bare wood and it's original to the house, or near so.  ( My house started in 1913, and it's been added to at least 3 times, maybe 4?  It's kind of a Frankenstein house which is yet another reason I adore it) 

This change I think adds much to my dining room.  I bought the pillow shams, and then pillows for them.  The padding is just chunks of foam cut to fit, and I found extra long pillow sheets to use as the covers-- making it an affordable house upgrade.  Since the pillow sheets can be washed as needed, easy to clean as well. I believe this cost me around $120 total.  It's comfy as well!

The cats adore it! during daytime hours you will find one or 2 of them snuggled up in the sunlight.  

 I'm hoping in another year or 2, we can redo the cabinetry in the kitchen to fit my theme.  As it is, I have several of my favorite Nightmare toys on display in the dining room and kitchen.

I really love my home, and I'm so grateful I can add and subtract things to make it special!  

Wednesday, January 5, 2022

Stillwell Freedom Rock

I'm still working on catching up my picture files from last year-- and I'm still reflecting on the GOOD stuff of 2021.

Jerry's Dad is a fan of the Freedom Rocks.  If you live in Iowa, you already know about them, if you don't or - your living under a rock in Iowa - I put the link for you.

So Early last spring we went and visited the Stillwell Rock with Larry (The dad) and Jerry's sisters.  
We had a good time and spent some quality time with the Miller side of the family.  If in these times of Covid, and frankly you are looking for a mini -trip, go check out one or more of the rocks.  

Here is me, Jerry, Baby and Larry


Saturday, January 1, 2022

Hell of a year....

So 2021 is done and I say good!  I don't want to dwell on the negative, so here is one of the GOOD things about 2021 -- we found and bought this incredible buffet, which we call, affectionately, The Dragons.  This wonderful piece we got at a steal! It's oak, and the dragons are hand made... look at the top picture, you can see the elegant curve of the wood and how it'a all one piece, and not attached to the botttom drawers.  

For now, it houses the family art supplies, and such family activities as puzzles and games.  

 While we didn't need it I am so glad we bought it, and every time I look at The Dragons, I fall in love all over again with it.

I am so grateful to have a house where I can randomly buy something like this and immediately find a place for it.  I am so grateful that Jerry and I have decent jobs that paid for it and our house.

I'm so grateful that all 3 of us got through 2021 if not exactly intact, we made it and all of us are still here.  We will have family art days again in the future, with the supplies that live in The Dragons.  

Happy New Year's folks, and let's all look for the things to be grateful for, as it's the only way we get through this life.