Sunday, February 27, 2022

More Nightmare in my house

For those care, more NBC or Nightmare Before Christmas artwork in my kitchen and dining room! 

This quilt was made by my very talented Sister as a Christmas present some 4 ? years ago.  It now proudly hangs in my diningroom.  
This wonderful print is my my Niece Ame Barron, another talented artist in my family.

 This is an original painting Ame did for me featuring my favorite character Sally.

I'm so grateful I have the space to display the wonderful artwork from my family! 

Friday, February 25, 2022

Public Art

 I've been in a bunch of waiting rooms lately, here is a picture of the art in one of them.  It's a bunch of circles in  grey-white-black, done to different depths.  

Deceptively simple.  Endlessly fascinating.  I stared at this for 15 minutes or more, coming up with different scenarios.

Raindrops.  Atoms.  Checkers.


Saturday, February 19, 2022

revisiting a favorite necklace

 Recently A customer broke the drop crystal on a piece she bought a couple of years ago.  She really wanted it fixed, so of course I did.  It's lovely to revisit a piece like this.. I had so much fun making it, it's a old book mark with clock gears.  

It's it's such a pick me up to know how much she treasured this necklace.  I hate that the crystal broke, but crystals are fragile and if you drop it on concrete it's probably gonna break.

I really struggle sometimes on the materials I use in my jewelry.  I have some really kewl vintage stuff that I am afraid to use, just because they are so fragile or easily broken.  And yet the jewelry I could make using them!!! 

I've wanted to use some old Art Deco shoe clips for awhile, but the rhinestones just pop out sometimes if you breathe hard on them.  I've experimented with covering them with resin but that kills the sparkle - or at least it did when I tried it.  Maybe I should try again using less resin, more of a gloss? 

I could purposely break them all out and re-glue them, but that doesn't always work well either, and if the crystals are foil-backed, which they often are on these pieces, that looks crappy.

I'll keep experimenting.  I'm sort of in a bling mood anyway! 

Thursday, February 17, 2022

mermaid pendant

I made this last summer, but I'm still trying to catch up on my photo files.  It's funny, I have a customer who is nuts for Mermaids, and I made this half way thinking, hey maybe she needs another mermaid necklace! 

I literally sold it to another customer just before she came by the booth! 

So what did I learn? Mermaids are popular! I really need to make more mermaid stuff.

This weekend I finally have nothing going on, so maybe I'll dig out a Mermaid and see if it talks to me.

If not?  There are always dragons to play with..... 


Saturday, February 5, 2022

A closer look at my jewelry at The Picker Knows

Here is my case! 810.  Located at 1208 Grand Ave, The Picker Knows

some of the earrings you can find, assuming they didn't sell yet.  All made with wonderful bits of vintage watch parts

I love this necklace! It's made with buttons ranging from 100 + years old to the 1960's.  I picked glass buttons in the black to gun-metal range, and matched it with both modern and vintage jet crystals.  Yummy! A statement piece you can wear with jeans or dress up for!

Fun hair stuff! Affordable as well!

This is made in my Mom's favorite color, Lavender!  All new - old stock Austrian crystals!