Thursday, December 9, 2021

Pottery Time!

You know how I'm trying to catch up my photo files? Well these are from May!  For my Sister's birthday I treated her to a pottery painting session at Five Monkeys 
She did a great rainbow gnome box, which is uses for buttons.  I made a "doctor whoooo" trinket plate which fits right in as a soup dish for my dr who bathroom.

and this cute and tiny kitty that sits on my work desk.

 If you are looking for a great holiday gift idea, give someone you love and yourself a pottery session at Five Monkeys!  It's a great experience and you get automatic souvenirs ! 

Saturday, December 4, 2021

it's time to play....

So I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving!! 
I'm still catching up from my photo files, and this blog the theme is some of the great vintage materials I have to play with.  On top is a fantastic watch face in my stash.  I still haven't made anything with it, and it's currently safely stored away for that moment I decide it's time.  
I love this! it's a broken owl pendant, and it's in one of the project trays I have in the studio.  I keep changing my mind what to do with it.  Once the ideas stop morphing, i'll make something with this.  The body will probably eventually have a whole watch movement-  I just haven't quite decided how it will gel. 

I've actually made several earrings / pieces from this bag of goodies  It's actually mostly pairs of stuff, so when I want to make something different in the earring department I dip into this for inspiration! 

This is a huge ( it's like 3 inches long! ) rhinestone earring, probably 50-60's.  I just adore it, but I just can't decide what to do with it, so It's gotten tucked back into the vintage collection for now.  Part of the problem is I love it so much, I'm not sure I wanna give it up!!! 

See the owl is in this pic as well.  This is a pile of stuff most of which ended up in my project boxes, and some of it actually got made into jewelry ( and some of it is sold as well)
Part of my process is to lay stuff out, and just kindof play with it like it's a puzzle I'm trying to put together.  Cause, well I am putting puzzles together.  

large pile of vintage jewelry.  This is unsorted... the bulk of it I'll try to resell cause it's just not stuff I want to play with, some get's stored into the stash and some are in my project boxes.  Most of this pile got sorted at least into sell/ play/ hoard.  

Lots of sparklies!!  Isn't it yummy?? This is all part of a large rhinestone lot I bought about a year ago.  I actually took this picture to show some beady buds of mine my score.  

About 75% of the items in this pic got made into actual pieces of jewelry which are already sold.   A few pieces are still "in development" 

I hope you enjoyed this brief tour of stuff to play with!