Thursday, November 18, 2021

New Stuff at The Picker Knows!

So sells are going pretty well at Pickers -            so I took more pieces over.  

First I took my big statement piece, cause it attracts attention and why not have it out instead of storage at my house?? 

And then I took over all new fun Christmas jewelry I've made in the past week.

I made some of my traditional Christmas tree and snowmen earrings, and then using vintage stuff, much of it recycled from broken jewelry I made several fun earrings.  I love the little Christmas tree ones.. they are vintage crystals from a rosary probably from the 1950's. 

These snowflakes are woven ! 
The Christmas tree necklaces were off this funky necklace chain, the snowman on blue are singleton earrings reused as a pendant, and the wreath necklace? 
Pretty isn't' it? 
This was a fab broach that the pin-back was broken ! so I cut off the other side as well, and filed and sanded it down so it wouldn't be poky or catch your shirt, and then strung it using vintage gold beads, and hex beads and older bugel beads ( the long red ones)

I think it turned out really cute, and if you don't rush down and buy it, someone else will! 

See ya -- as always I'm in the life preserver row towards the end!

Sunday, November 14, 2021

I take it back, picking healthcare is crazy!


I wrote a couple of days ago how it felt good to make choices for my family. I take it back. Maybe there are 2 many choices offered... no that's not it. The problem is there are soooo many variables!!! most of the plans have you pay 10-25% of the various costs... but figuring out those costs is the crazy part! How the heck do I know what the doctor charges me, after whatever health plan applies their rules and such. I am down to 3 possible plans, and I'm not sure which is the best deal, because it hinges on how much is passed on to me the customer and that's such a total unknown! Or i can just keep the current plan, which of course charges alittle more per month than it did before and added a co-pay and raised co-pays on drugs.. but at least I know what to expect and there is no learning curve for next year. But i'm hunted by the knowledge that it will probably cost alittle more than maybe this other plan... but how can I know for sure because of the variables I don't know!! Add in that Jesscera will turn 26 during then year, and will have to get her own healthcare going forward. So should i pick what will be the better deal once she would drop off? should we just get her own coverage starting at the start of the year, instead of keeping her til she ages out? ARRRRGHGHGH Is it really any surprise that everyone hates health insurance, even though we can't live without it? Why is national healthcare so wrong? It would make everything so much easier! On a much easier note, here is another picture from my files. This is one of my "wedding" pieces. Features a vintage pocket watch regular. Now I'm sure the person who bought it did so just for enjoyment, but I always think i'll make a offical wedding line featuring vintage bits and simple elegant lines. This is an easy choice!!

Tuesday, November 9, 2021

Tis the season for Healthcare....


So it's November and time to pick healthcare for the next year. For folks that have healthcare through work, it's the annual headache... but I actually sort of enjoy it, at least since Jerry got a federal job. Being a federal employee means something like 30 different plans to pick from! Yes, I'm bragging! It doesn't mean coverage is necessary cheaper per month, but I bet the actual coverage offered is better, and we save with lower copays and drug costs. We jumped on a government plan last year and we saved so much money compaired to what my company offered, it makes me feel sick. (bad word choice??) Considering the extra expensives medically wise this year, we have spent less money than the year before. This is with hospital stays, biospies and extra medial care this year. The cost difference in Jerry's medications alone is staggering. Jerry is a insulin dependant diabetic. Even with my insurance, each perscription refill varied $1800 to $4000, depending if deductable was covered for the year or not. On Jerry's plan, his insulin is $90 co-pay. That is the highest level of drug co-pay on this plan. I doubt I'll be changing plans, but I'm carefully looking over each plan to make sure we still have the best fit. I guess i enjoy it because I feel like I have more control over medial costs that I have ever had before. And I like feeling like choices I make for my family have a real difference on our daily lives. If your healthcare offerings through work suck, be sure to check out the healthcare exchanges as well, you never know you might find something that fits your family better than the work plan. Some companies even give you a kicker if you don't use company healthcare!

Sunday, November 7, 2021

It's beginning to look like Christmas at the Picker Knows!

Hey Guys!! Just a quick one, to let you know that I'm starting to get some Christmas jewelry out at The Picker Knows in my case #215!  I am planning on getting more Christmas jewelry out next weekend, so if you are in the area of 1208 Grand in West Des Moines, be sure to stop in.  I just got the cutest beads to make tree earrings... I'll be sure to sneak a peak on those soon.


Thursday, November 4, 2021

More picture catch ups -- and my plans for The Picker knows!

I don't really have a theme for this blog post.. other than cleaning out my picture file.  All of these pieces sold already as well.. so I"ll just let the pics speak for themselves.  Speaking of selling, I sold a larger necklace at The Picker knows last weekend, which is makes me feel so good, I can't even tell you.  In fact it got me so jazzed I'm gonna work on Christmas jewelry this weekend, cause at least if you make stuff, that starts now!! 

I'll start seeding in some Christmas stuff this weekend, and add to it as I get new new pieces done.  For Christmas jewelry I try to make them quick and easy, so I can afford to sell at a more affordable price point.  Since I don't normally due shows after the first week of October I don't get to indulge myself , and I adore making Christmas sparkies!