Thursday, November 18, 2021

New Stuff at The Picker Knows!

So sells are going pretty well at Pickers -            so I took more pieces over.  

First I took my big statement piece, cause it attracts attention and why not have it out instead of storage at my house?? 

And then I took over all new fun Christmas jewelry I've made in the past week.

I made some of my traditional Christmas tree and snowmen earrings, and then using vintage stuff, much of it recycled from broken jewelry I made several fun earrings.  I love the little Christmas tree ones.. they are vintage crystals from a rosary probably from the 1950's. 

These snowflakes are woven ! 
The Christmas tree necklaces were off this funky necklace chain, the snowman on blue are singleton earrings reused as a pendant, and the wreath necklace? 
Pretty isn't' it? 
This was a fab broach that the pin-back was broken ! so I cut off the other side as well, and filed and sanded it down so it wouldn't be poky or catch your shirt, and then strung it using vintage gold beads, and hex beads and older bugel beads ( the long red ones)

I think it turned out really cute, and if you don't rush down and buy it, someone else will! 

See ya -- as always I'm in the life preserver row towards the end!

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