Tuesday, November 9, 2021

Tis the season for Healthcare....


So it's November and time to pick healthcare for the next year. For folks that have healthcare through work, it's the annual headache... but I actually sort of enjoy it, at least since Jerry got a federal job. Being a federal employee means something like 30 different plans to pick from! Yes, I'm bragging! It doesn't mean coverage is necessary cheaper per month, but I bet the actual coverage offered is better, and we save with lower copays and drug costs. We jumped on a government plan last year and we saved so much money compaired to what my company offered, it makes me feel sick. (bad word choice??) Considering the extra expensives medically wise this year, we have spent less money than the year before. This is with hospital stays, biospies and extra medial care this year. The cost difference in Jerry's medications alone is staggering. Jerry is a insulin dependant diabetic. Even with my insurance, each perscription refill varied $1800 to $4000, depending if deductable was covered for the year or not. On Jerry's plan, his insulin is $90 co-pay. That is the highest level of drug co-pay on this plan. I doubt I'll be changing plans, but I'm carefully looking over each plan to make sure we still have the best fit. I guess i enjoy it because I feel like I have more control over medial costs that I have ever had before. And I like feeling like choices I make for my family have a real difference on our daily lives. If your healthcare offerings through work suck, be sure to check out the healthcare exchanges as well, you never know you might find something that fits your family better than the work plan. Some companies even give you a kicker if you don't use company healthcare!

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