Friday, January 18, 2019

Studio in Progress ......

My studio on the first day!
 As you know, we bought a new house, which has a large and lovely area for the studio.  My only real complaint was the carpet.

So after some money juggling I decided there was enough in the budget to get my floor redone. 

I was looking at vinyl planking or wood laminates, but the sellers just happen to leave over 500sq food of fancy, expensive tile..... so why not use that ???
 my new floor in progress........
They finished it today, but due to the bad weather and work schedules, I didn't get to see it today.  (whaw!)

With luck, I'll get over tomorrow and get pics!!

Wednesday, January 2, 2019

Why Kat has been AWOL.....

WOW!   got this fortune just before we decided to house hunt... 
Tomorrow we close on our new house. 

When we started to look for houses, I honestly thought it would take MONTHS to find a house that worked for all three of us.

It has to be big, it has to be in good condition or be cheap enough I can get what is wrong fixed without borrowing more funds.

It needs to be all 1 level ( think ranch) or big enough that I can mostly live on the 1st floor.

It needs to have enough room for both a game room for Hubby-kins and a studio for me. 

The kid wanted to have at least as much room as she has in this house.

It needs to stay in the central Des Moines area because the kid wants to take the bus to work, not drive.  Besides, adding to the commute time would mess up Jerry and I's work scheduling. 

So yeah, months.  I spent about 6 weeks studying the market, and then we decided to start actually hunting around Nov 12th. 

We found the house we will own TOMORROW!!!!  on Nov 18th.

took a week to hammer out a price, schedule the inspection, starting the banking stuff, etc.

Since then I've been trying to pack between shows, commissions, etsy sales, the holidays, and lining up contractors for the work that needs to be done.   We have been furniture shopping -- trying to hit every antique place in town looking for a vintage side board or china cabinet because damn, I've always wanted one.  The first one I fell in love with sold before I could get back there to actually buy it.  ( I've seen more since..  this weekend will hopefully see me the owner of one of them )

We also managed to adopt a stray kitten during this time.. who still needs to see the vet ( the holidays messed up vet scheduling ) before we can integrate her into our household.  Right now she's living in the studio with the door firmly shut... which is upsetting my Kya- fur baby to no end.  That's her room!  But until she's checked out we can't let her around the old cats for their health.

So tomorrow morning we close, and then we will get Papa Murphy's to celebrate and have 5 contractors showing up about an hour apart.  Friday I have another 5 contractors showing up.

So yeah, I'm busy, even more than normal.  But I'm deeply happy.

I will try to blog as I go along in this new house, but I doubt much will be about specific jewelry pieces until my studio is transferred and set up in the new house.  Oh yeah, after we move then we start getting the old house ready to sell........