Thursday, April 23, 2020

Random Thoughts & masks

I've left my house twice in the last 4 weeks, and I didn't leave the car either time.  Wore a mask.  This was maybe 2 weeks ago?  At that point, I saw maybe 2 others wearing masks. 

For those of you out and about, how many do you see now?

I have a new work supervisor.... Kya!  So I've moved one of the tall bar stools by my desk and sacrificed my light jacket as a pillow for her Highness, and now she naps most of my workday.  This pic shows a chair, but she didn't like it.  Must has standards in the workplace . 

I liked my old co-workers, but well, I adore my Princess Kya.  Giving her a place to settle is actually making me more productive... she likes laying on my chest which makes typing hard.  This way, I get to cuddle and pet for a few minutes, and then she happily jumps to the stool for her mid-day 8 hour nap.

Since I"m working from home I really don't have that much more time than I did before to do stuff, but it's inspired me to get a few projects done.  I've had the poster and frame for the Doctor Who bathroom for over a month... the problem is I bought the frame about 1/2 inches 2 big, and I needed a matte to make it look good.  Trying to find one pre-made was a epic failure.  I was going to go to a craft store and buy the strips, but well, that's not gonna work for several months, now is it?

Part of this crisis is we are all learning just how resilient we are, and how much can do spirit we have both as a nation and as individuals.  

It may seem a small thing to you, but making my very own matte out of materials at hand custom sized for this frame - I'm damn proud of myself.

I ended up using leather scraps I have to make bracelets out of.  Most of my scraps are actually leftovers from purses ( bought off etsy from a purse maker! ) 

Crappy pic, but it looks great in person!    
 I've also gotten most of the pictures and other artwork up now, or ordered frames for them.  So over a year after we moved, we are almost done moving in!!!

 My sister is making wicked cloth masks .... my hubby stole this one since I'm not leaving the house!!  If you want to check out her masks see them here.... for each  one she makes, she's donating 1, so between quality fabrics, free US shipping, and giving them away, her $12 per mask is deal, and you are helping her help others. Win-Win. 

She's not trying to make money with these, she's trying to break even.  She just can't afford to help others and donate masks by herself but this way she can.  If you want to make these masks yourself, she even offers a free TUT  to help you out.  Way to go Sis! 

 This is Parker taking his mid-day 8 hour nap.  May we all have mid-day naps in our future.  Stay safe, my friends.

Thursday, April 9, 2020

Simple Blue Earrings

I got ahold of a bunch of stainless steel with turquoise patina and I'm in LOVE!!!!

Some of the detail on them is so wonderful and complicated, that just adding them to rings for extra dangle factor... they are fab!

So here are my "don't be blue, cause your stuck at home" earrings.....