Wednesday, May 6, 2020

I spoke too soon.....

Remember how I was bragging / over sharing not wearing a bra for a month?  One should never ever tempt the fates.

Tuesday brought way more excitement that I ever want... one of our electric outlets poofed.  One small fire, a couple of hours panic, and one melted air purifier, and a visit from the electrician who mercifully only charged $150.00 to fix what could have been a major house fire and very very expensive mess.  Wearing my bra while he was here was a small price to pay.

It felt weird though.

It was in the bedroom so of course that meant it needed to get all cleaned up and de-stunk asap so we could hopefully sleep in there. 

So washed all the bedding, febrezed the heck out of the room, brought in a different air purifier.  Opened most of the 1st floor windows and ran the fan pointing out of the room.

I suspect with my asthma I'll be bothered for a few days, but really we did a good job at the clean up.

Very proud of the hubby, he had excellent reaction time and did all he could to mitigate the situation.  Because our wi-fi is out of our bedroom and it had no power until the outlet could be fix- and we are both working from home right now -- he especially reacted quickly to run 3 extention cords so we could get the wireless back for work.  All in all, both of us were only down for 30-40 minutes .

Today work was blessedly boring.

Stay safe !!!

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