Saturday, March 26, 2022

Anyone watching Bridgerton? and 2-hole bead projects

I've been in a 2-hole bead mood the last few weeks.  I find weaving with them incredibly meditative and if I'm sticking to earrings or bracelets, a quick pay off as well.  I don't mean in money, but in satisfaction.  It's like laying little bricks to build a little house, using seed beads and 2-hole beads to build up a bracelet from scratch! 
In the top pick you see a necklace.  I won't make many because the time involved gets to be too much both for my low patience and for my bottom line.  
I think since i'm enjoying them so much, I will definitely keep making them and maybe set up a shelve in my booth this summer featuring my woven items, instead of just a few here and there.

That means I need to get cracking and more more! oh dear! hehehehe - live can be very very good.

I'm almost done watching Season 2 of the Bridgertons.  
I greatly enjoyed Season 1.  I think the casting is quite good.. Eloise is almost perfect and fits the Eloise in my head from reading the novels.

And the guy playing Simon! OH MY.  What a handsome man, and that voice!   I am missing him in season 2 very much.

I think it's very interesting and wonderful how they are sprinkling in other skin tones than just white.  Some of the costumes are not quite right   Actually the jewelry isn't - it isn't that so much that it's wrong but that it's wrong and the wrong people are wearing them - In regency times young unmarried misses might wear a locket or a simple string of pearls, not some of the huge costume pieces they are showing.  Having said that, the pieces are wonderful eye candy and get one's Jewelry Muse going. 

The story in season 1 got modified for the screen from the books, which is expected, and none of the changes were too strange.

I can't say the same for season 2.  Lots of changes, stuff I am not liking.  I hate to spoil stuff so I won't go into detail, but I have to say some of my favorite characters from the books are just not as likable in the series.

Like most adaptations, I take it with a grain of salt and sort of look at the TV version as  a alternative universe from the books.

I think one of the biggest things that bug me in the adaptation is gift giving.  Men giving women expensive and elaborate gifts - it happens over and over.  At that time, a unmarried man giving a unmarried woman something of great value would be a major social blunder.  Something small would be ok, but jewelry, horses, etc - that just wouldn't happen in good society.   

That really brings me out of the story when it happens, which is funny.  With all the incorrect history bits going on in this, why does that break my willing participation in the fantasy? I don't know.  Maybe it offends my own sense of propriety in the here and now as well as my historical sense.

I mean if you got a diamond necklace on a first date, what would you be thinking?? Would you accept it? 

Or would you run away? 

I have a couple of episodes to finish for season 2, and I guess it's ok to watch but disappointing after how much fun season 1 was.  If nothing else, I'm enjoying the costumes and jewelry.


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