Wednesday, January 27, 2021

well ARGGGH !

 OK, here I was at my day job, working overtime, when I hear my Etsy make the cash register sound.  I have 2 sites, one for jewelry  (which has been sadly neglected) and one for destash.

When I finally finish work, I checked and I was amazed to see I sold on my jewelry Etsy!! wooo hoo! 

4 necklaces, 3 with my very own glass cabs in them. 

So I go check it out, and imagine my surprise to find out I paid $7.50 in advertising fees.  Apparently at one time off site advertising was free, and you were automatically opted in.  Or maybe I choose it, honestly I don't have a clue.  The free has stopped, and guess what? Now I sell something so they take an extra 15% fee.  If they notified us the freebie was stopping I didn't see it.  It stopped in May of 2020!!

I guess I'm glad I sold something, and I guess if it was in ads great, but boy howdy that was a bite I wasn't expecting.

Really hitting the old and vintage costume jewelry lately, I guess I'm a sparkle phase again.  These earrings made from 2 different pieces of jewelry and new crystals. 

I'm feeling pretty Leary of on-line selling right now, but since shows are so problematic right now, I guess it's the only game in town.  I really need to invest some time in to it... get more stuff up, do better pictures, actually check it everyday and maybe do some advertising that I know about up front and won't have sticker shock from. 

I started a amazon handmade shop before Christmas, but I haven't had time to do much with it.  

I have 1 item of jewelry on ebay, to test the waters.  So far no nibbles.

I have a whole studio filled with beads, so sometimes I just like to relax and do stringing.  

I really need to pick one on-line marketplace, and really give it my all -- get 50-60 or more listings up with good pics and descriptions, and seriously work at it.  

I'm going to get my destash up and running again first, then tackle the jewelry.

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