Thursday, July 8, 2021

I need to blog........

hi Guys! I'm trying to get into good blogging habits, so here are a few pics.  Top pic, are "no use crying over spilt beer" earrings.  I've had this handmade glass mug beads for ever, and since i'm not much for beer, I wasn't sure why i even bought them, other than they are soooo cute.  Jerry says I should say rootbeer earrings! 

Anyway, dangle factor is high and these are so much fun, a party for anyone's ears! 

These I added cup chain  (crystal chain) to the tracks of a zipper, kind of cute, right? 
These are aluminum cuffs, with prints on them.  Just cute and fun. 

I don't have pics yet, but for this weeks Farmer's Market I've been busy making rings.  I'll try to get pics up tomorrow.... 

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