Wednesday, July 28, 2021

time to paint

experimenting with alcohol inks on tiles.
We try to have family night once a week, currently it's usually Wednesday.  Sometimes it's gaming, or puzzles or just watching TV.  Sometimes we get creative as a family.  We've tried pottery, which is great, and playing around other crafty bits, but the family favorite is acrylics.  I blame my sister.  In a good way! 
a dragon hanging out on a rock -by me

We like it enough that we now have a small stash of paint, sketch books, artsy brushes and canvases stockpiled, so when ever the mood strikes we can just lay down a tarp and go to town.

this is my sisters, she's way good!

Jerry's, not sure if it's a spaceship, or.......


this is Jesscera's, it's part of a story she's writing 

Another of girls, also story related.

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