Sunday, April 3, 2022

More work from last year -

catching up on photos from last year, still!   The top piece I love, I took a used piece of costume jewelry - popped out the icky, scratched up plastic cab that was in the middle, drilled a hole and filled it with steampunky goodness.  I doubt the jewelry piece was very old, but the cog I used is 75-100 years old, from a old clock.  
Another recycled jewelry bit - this time a earring, which again I drilled a hole and added fun stuff.
These were so kewl in person! lot's of movment.  Vintage clock and watch parts.  I would sooo make more of these, but I don't have anymore of the architectural black parts!! 

 Old light bulbs, got at a flea market, again drill a hole and I'll make anything into jewelry!   I think I actually made these in Jan of 2022 but I've made them before.

I added words, crystals and chain.  I would love to make necklaces with old light bulbs, but they can be so fragile I mostly haven't.  Making the older, thicker glass ones into earrings is pretty safe, they aren't as likely to be abused.


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